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The Begun Lab and Friends!

David Begun

Principal Investigator

My research interests focus primarily on population genetics and molecular evolution. I am interested in Drosophila evolutionary genetics and investigating genetic variation within and between closely related species of fruit flies. In addition, I am able to study the mechanism of evolution and research the kinds of insights that have resulted from the application of mathematical models to evolution.

Perot Saelao

Junior Specialist

Greetings! I am the Begun lab tech and I currently enjoy the opportunity of helping Dr. Begun manage the lab's daily businesses, while at the same time conducting some of Dr. Begun's current research. I enjoy a broad range of interests regarding evolutionary genetics, and currently I am studying the genetics of adaptation along latitudinal clines. I have yet to decide on a specific field of interest and I am hoping that my time here in the Begun lab will help me narrow on one. On a more personal level I enjoy frolicking in the beautiful Davis scenery, falling off my road bike, playing sports I am good at (attempting to play sports I am bad at), and nerding out on computers. When I am not failing at research or bashing my head against the PCR machine, you can find me in the fly room where I can be seen arguing with the undergrads about why my movie tastes are better than theirs (I mean come on was Avatar really that good?).

Alaric Smith

Genetics Doctoral Student

Alisa Sedghifar

Population Biology Doctoral Student

Gavin Rice

Genetics Doctoral Student (Kopp Lab)

Grace Lee

Population Biology Doctoral Student (Langley Lab)

Undergraduate Researchers and Assistants

Thanh Nguyen

Brooke Bivens

Casey Whipple

Puneet Kamal

Lab Alumni!

Corbin Jones

(Post-Doc), Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Todd Schlenke

(Graduate Student), Assitant Professor at Emory University.

Andy Kern

(Graduate Student), Assitant Professor at Dartmouth.

Brad Wagstaff

(Graduate Student).

Mara Lawniczak

(Graduate Student).

Alisha Holloway

(Post Doc).

Tom Turner

(Graduate Student), Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara.

Mia Levine

(Graduate Student), Post Doc at the Malik Lab