Department of Evolution & Ecology
Courses with Teaching Assistantships and/or Readerships

Course Offering for Fall 2011 - Spring 2012 (Updated: 06/03/2011)

Note: Teaching faculty are subject to change.


BIS 2B: "Principles of Ecology and Evolution" Instructors: Susan Keen and Donald Strong(Fall 2011); Instructors: Jay Rosenheim and TBA (Winter 2012); Instructors: Rick Grosberg and Jay Stachowicz (Spring 2012)

BIS 122P: (see Bodega Marine Laboratory Program) "Population Biology and Ecology/Advanced Laboratory Topics" Instructor: Steven Morgan

5 units: Lab - 12 hours; discussion - 1 hour
Offered Spring Quarter each year

Catalog description: "Residence at Bodega Marine Laboratory required. Training in scientific research, from hypothesis testing to publication, including methods of library research. Research related to topic covered in course 122. Final presentation both oral and written."

EVE 100: "Introduction to Evolution" Instructors: Artyom Kopp (Fall 2011); Graham Coop (Winter 2012); David Begun (Spring 2012).

EVE 101: "Introduction to Ecology" Instructors: Thomas Schoener (Fall 2011); Sebastian Schreiber (Winter 2012); Brian Gaylord and Susan Williams (Spring 2012) EVE 103: "Phylogeny and Macroevolution" Instructors: Michael Turelli, and Brian R. Moore (TAship is FILLED)

EVE 107: "Animal Communication" Instructor: Gail Patricelli (TAship is FILLED)

4 units: Lecture - 3 hours; discussion - 1 hour
Next offered: Fall 2011

Catalog description: "How animals use songs, dances, colors, chemicals, electricity and vibrations to communicate. Mechanisms of signal production and detection (sensory systems), theory of information transfer and signal design, and the role of natural selection in shaping communication. "

EVE 108: (cross-listed as Plant Biology PLB 108) "Systematics and Evolution of Angiosperms" Instructor: James Doyle EVE 112/112L: "Invertebrate Zoology/Laboratory for Invertebrate Zoology" Instructors: Rick Grosberg and Eric Sanford EVE 117: (cross-listed as Plant Biology PLB 117), "Plant Ecology" Instructor: Marcel Rejmanek EVE 119: (cross-listed as Plant Biology 119), "Population Biology of Weeds". Instructor: Marcel Rejmanek

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