Graham Coop
Email: gmcoop AT ucdavis DOT edu
I was a post-doc in the group of Jonathan Pritchard in the Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago, I also work closely with Molly Przeworski . Before that I was a PhD student with Bob Griffiths in the mathematical genetics group in Statistics Department at Oxford. I'm now an assistant professor in the Section of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis.

Peter Ralph
Peter is doing a joint postdoc in the Coop and Schreiber labs. Peter is currently working on various spatial population genetic and ecological models. He did his PhD in statistics at Berkeley with Steve Evans where he has worked on various aspects of probability theory and population genetics.

Yaniv Brandvain
Yaniv is currently finishing up his Phd, on a range of topics including genomic imprinting and coevolution, with Mike Wade and Leonie Moyle at the University of Indiana. He'll start at Davis in the summer of 2010.

John Pool. visiting postdoc

Joanna Kelley visiting postdoc

Former members/visitors

Tom Turner, visiting scholar


Postdoctoral researchers

If you are interested in doing a postdoc in the lab, you should contact me directly. To be a strong applicant you will need good mathematical, statistical and/or computational skills, preferably with prior experience in population genetics/molecular evolution/evolutionary genetics. It is better to contact me early, so we can talk about funding opportunities etc.

Graduate Students

I accept students through the Population Biology graduate group. Please contact me if you are thinking of applying. I have broad interests in evolutionary biology and try to do research (theory and data analysis) which I hope really adds to our understanding of the field. I have always worked in really great collaborative research groups, where I have been supported but free to explore a research area. As such, if you join the lab I will work with you to develop your own independent research program.

Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in gaining some research experience (e.g. for applying to graduate school) please contact me. I am particularly interested in students with programming experience and/or a mathematical background. In some cases, support may be available for summer research positions or projects during the year. You should also look into the CLIMB program at UC Davis.