Scrub Jay, photo by Alan KrakauerView from Monument Lek

The Patricelli Lab University of California, Davis








Lab Photos


Field Work in Wyoming:

Males displayingSteamy breath on a cold morning

Males fightingMale close up


A few of Neil Losin's fantastic grouse photos


The view down the valley toward the Wind River Range from the main study lek, Monument Lek, near Lander, WY (photo on left courtesy of Neil Losin)












Trailer Home 2006
Trailer Home 2007Snow Day 2007
Mud Day 2007jkkkkkkjjjjjjjjjdcdcxjjjjjjjjj,,,,hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiuhjnkjnkjn m,nbbbbbbbbbbbbjdhvcbdjcsdvjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Will Longo, high-speed video 2008Green Eggs and Spam, St. Patrick's Day 2008

Life at camp, Lander, WY


The 2006 Field Crew -- far left photo: Neil Losin, Alan Krakauer, Diane Blackwood (with Ritka and Farley), Conor Taff, Sarah Lazazzero, Gail Patricelli, Monika Parsons, Ellen Sherrill, Jenn Sheppard and Wendy Fair (Photo courtesy of Neil Losin)


The 2007 Field Crew -- Right photo: Jeff Birek, Megan Jones, Alan Krakauer (and fembot), Sarah Sells, Nerissa Rujanavech (and Guinness), Levi Souza, Jessica Blickley (and The Sargent), Greg Hansen, Gail Patricelli (and Chaos), Alexa Carleton, and Eli Rose


Whole Crew


The 2008 Crew (and first annual Field Prom) -- In lower left photo: Gail Patricelli, Megan Smith, Jessica Blickley, Rebecca Hundt. In lower right photo: Jeff Leichty, Scott Appleby, Alan Krakauer, Mike Kong, Chris Stanton, William Longo


God Bless Wyoming!

Jackalope educational trips to Dubois, WY

The Lab :


Halloween 2008McCain 2008! Terrifying...Pumpkin Patch 2009Halloween 2009Halloween 2009, Pumpkin ObamaHalloween 2009


Pumpkin carving, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009


Farewell Dinner for Sean Hanser 2009

(Left) Happy Holidays / Congrats on Graduation Alexa / Welcome Nerissa / Farewell Diane Lab Dinner 2006, (right) Farewell Sean / Welcome Stacie Lab dinner 2009


Big-ass male elephant seal
Male attempting to copulate with a female or two

Lab trip to Ano Nuevo to see the elephant seals, January 2007




Graduate student Jessica Jessica (left) at a trapping station at her Malibu fieldsite, (middle-left) conducting a vegetation transect, (middle-right) modelling the cutting-edge eye-tracking goggles that Jessica Yorzinski will use in future sexual selection work..





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