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How does evolution proceed from common starting points and go on to generate the amazing display of biodiversity that we see today?  The evolutionary origins of novel and complex forms has puzzled biologists since before Darwin’s time and persists as a central question in biology today.  As a scientist I seek to shed light on this novelty question by combining the analytical power of phylogenetics with experimental approaches.  I received my PhD from the University of California at Santa Barbara under Todd H. Oakley where I studied the origins and evolution of the animal visual cascade.  I am presently a Center for Population Biology postdoctoral fellow at the University of California at Davis.  My postdoctoral research focuses the molecular genetics of allorecognition in Hydractinia and asks how understanding this system might illuminate our understanding of nematocyte function, sensory biology in cnidarians and the deeper evolutionary history of Aristotelian senses like olfaction, taste and vision.

Dr. David Plachetzki
Postdoctoral Researcher (2009-present)
Center for Population Biology

Dr. Stephanie Kamel
Postdoctoral Researcher (2007-present)

Cynthia Hays (2008-2009)

Dr. Cynthia Hays
Assistant Professor
Academic Affairs
Science Center 359
Keene State College



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