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Undergrad Students

Daniel Hooper

Theresa DiMarco
Biological Sciences

James Goddard
Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity

Amber Carney
Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology

Yoel Stuart
Yoel got his hands dirty in the lab during Spring Quarter 2005, before taking the Summer course at Bodega Marine Lab during which he investigated the effects of shell morphology on growth and reproduction in the barnacle Tetraclita rubescens with Dr. Eric Sanford. In 2006, Yoel worked with Dr. Mike Dawson looking at dispersal and range limits in T. rubescens and how demographic events influence population genetic variation in the mole crab Emerita analoga. Yoel graduated in Spring 2006. In addition to receiving the College of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Student of the Year award, Yoel also received the 2006 University Medal. This is the highest university award given to honor a graduating senior in recognition of scholastic excellence and all around achievement. Yoel started his Graduate Studies at Harvard University in the Fall of 2007.

Emily Curd
Emily loves Australia!  Emily worked on a diversity of projects in our lab.  She studied the population biology of the peach potato aphid, Myzus persicae from Greece and Italy (with Dr Alex Wilson and Dr Roger Blackman, Natural History Museum in London).  Emily also endured long (paid) hours of Hydractinia care.  After graduating from UCD, she headed to UC Irvine to become head lab tech in Dr. Neil Tsutsui's new lab, before earning an MS at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2007. She is now back on the west coast as a Research Associate at UCLA. Her current interest is in studying infectious diseases in wild populations.

Carson Keever
Carson won the award for diehard undergraduate of the year! Here, despite a broken ulna and radius, Carson was in the lab diligently working on developing microsatellites for the anemone Epiactis as part of a project with Dr Dave Carlon. Carson is interested in a host of questions related to fitness and introgression in clonal species. Carson has also been working with Dr John Wares and Dr Rob Toonen on developing markers for other marine species. After graduation, Carson headed for the Canadian border to pursue graduate work in Dr. Mike Hart's new lab at Simon Fraser University.

Sabrina Pankey
Sabrina was also involved in a great diversity of projects in the lab.  She successfully obtained a President's Undergraduate Fellowship to test hypotheses concerning the genetic relatedness of Sonoran Desert wild cotton populations with respect to their ecology, geographic relationships and coevolutionary history (with Dr Alex Wilson and Dr Jenn Rudgers, Indiana University).  She also regularly endured long (paid) hours of Hydractinia care for the glory of others.  At the conclusion of her senior year at UCD, Sabrina was awarded the department kick-ass Citation for Excellence in undergraduate studies. After taking some much deserved time off sightseeing in Europe, she found a job in Dr. John Wares new lab at the University of Georgia, Athens, studying (among other things) the population genetic structure of the seastar Pisaster. Sabrina is currently pursuing graduate studies in Todd Oakley's lab at UC Santa Barbara.

Alice Dennis
During her senior year, Alice worked closely with Dr Alex Wilson on several Hydractinia projects. Alice became quite handy with the tools of the molecular trade and produced some beautiful SSCP gels. She has now moved on to graduate school at LSU in the lab of Dr Michael Hellberg where she is studying speciation processes in invertebrates .

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