The Ramírez Lab

University of California - Davis

Joining the Lab

Postdoctoral Researchers

I am currently looking for talented scientists to join our lab as Postdoctoral Researchers. If you are interested in joining, either to pursue your own research, or to contribute to ongoing lab projects, please contact me directly to discuss funding opportunities. There are several funding sources both within the UC system and elsewhere, and I am happy to help pursue them. If interested, please provide a statement of intent, names and contact information of three references, and an updated CV.

Graduate Students

I can serve as the primary advisor for Ph.D. students through the Population Biology Graduate Group. My lab is predominantly interested in pursuing questions related to the evolutionary biology and ecology of plant-pollinator mutualisms. Students from various backgrounds are encouraged to apply, but we emphasize on the development of integrative research projects that combine multiple techniques including (but not limited to) evolutionary genomics, molecular phylogenetics, chemical ecology, neuroethology, and/or natural history of insects and their associated host plants. Students with their own research ideas or plans are encouraged to apply provided their interests overlap significantly with those of the lab.

Undergraduate Students

My lab has multiple ongoing research projects that may benefit from talented and highly motivated undergraduate students at any stage of their program. Students with diverse backgrounds but a genuine interest in learning molecular techniques, genomic analysis, chemical ecology, and/or behavioral ecology of bees, are encouraged to contact me. Undegraduate students that join the lab will likely work under the tutelage of either a Graduate Student or a Postdoctoral Researcher.