The Ramírez Lab

University of California - Davis

Research Overview

We are interested in studying the evolution, co-adaptations, ecological associations, and speciation mechanisms of lineages engaged in plant-pollinator mutualisms. Much of our research revolves around the evolutionary biology of the charismatic euglossine bees and the intricate associations they have as pollinators of orchids from the Neotropical Region. We are currently developing a combination of field, greenhouse, and laboratory experiments to study the evolutionary genetics of reproductive isolation in both orchid and bee lineages.

We also use population genomic techniques to study introgression patterns, genetic differentiation, and local adaptation in native and introduced populations of the economically important honey bee, Apis mellifera. Our research is integrative in nature, and we draw from the traditions of comparative genomics, phylogenetics, chemical ecology, neuroethology, and natural history. Use the menu on the left to browse more detailed descriptions of ongoing research projects.