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Evolution and Ecology

Evolution and Ecology

2320 Storer Hall
University of California, Davis
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Anemone and starfish in kelp forest, Pt. Lobos, Carmel, California

Anemone and starfish in kelp forest, Pt. Lobos, Carmel, California

Source: Wikipedia, Creative Commons


When: Thursday, 4:10 - 5:30PM

Where: 2205 Haring Hall (campus map)

ECL 296 (CRN 50864)/ - PBG 292 (CRN 65658)


  • January 11, 2018: Rafal Zwolak
    Adam Mickiewicz University
    Title: “How decisions of scatterhoarders influence tree recruitment ”
    Host: Jenny Gremer

  • January 18, 2018: Katie Hinde
    Arizona State University
    Title: “Older than Dinosaurs: Mammalian Milk in Evolutionary and Ecological Context”
    Host: Jan Ng

  • January 25, 2018: Pete Mumby
    University of Queensland
    Title: “The connectivity, ecosystem overfishing and rebuilding of coral reef fisheries ”
    Host: Alan Hastings

  • Febuary 1, 2018: Cassie Stoddard
    Princeton University
    Title: “The Evolution and Ecology of Avian Eggs”
    Host: Tim Caro and Monique Borgerhoffmulder

  • Febuary 8, 2018: Fran Moore
    University of California, Davis
    Title: “Characterizing and Detecting the Influence of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Global Crop Yields”
    Host: Jenny Gremer

  • Febuary 15, 2018: Brody Sandel
    Santa Clara University
    Title: “The influence of long-term climate stability on the structure and function of ecosystems ”
    Host: Susan Harrison

  • Febuary 22, 2018: Giulio De Leo
    Stanford University
    Title: “TBA”
    Host: James Sanchirico

  • March 1, 2018: Casey Dunn
    Brown University
    Title: “Phylogenies and comparative functional genomics”
    Host: Victoria Morgan

  • March 8, 2018: Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra
    University of California, Davis
    Title: “Bigger is different: the role of plant genome size in intra- and interspecific adaptation”
    Host: Jenny Gremer

  • March 15, 2018: Jeff Diez
    University of California, Riverside
    Title: “Can we predict when species interactions will mediate species responses to climate change?”
    Host: Brian Smithers
  • *Sponsored by: College of Biological Sciences, Storer Endowment in the Life Sciences, Department ofEvolution and Ecology, Center for Population Biology, Graduate Group in Ecology, Department of Environmental Science & Policy, Department of Plant Sciences, Department of Plant Biology , Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, and Center for Theoretical Ecology.