Past News

May 2015 Manuscript on evolutionarily induced shifts in commmunity structure for systems with intraguild predactions. Congratulations Swati!
January 2015 The work of Josh on sugar maples is featured in the New York Times! Congratulations Josh!
Janurary 2015 AmNat paper on stochastic pollination selecting for sexy flowers and more ovules
December 2015 Nick is officially Dr. Fabina now! Congratulations Nick!
November 2014 Spent three weeks spreading the word about stochastic population models at the National Center for Theoretical Sciences in Taiwan. Wonderful experience.
September 2014 Joshua Rapp joins the lab as a post-doc with Neal Williams, Jay Rosenheim and myself. Welcome Josh!
August 2014 Postdoctoral position in plant evolutionary ecology to work with myself, Neal Williams and Jay Rosenheim available immediately
August 2014 Gave a talk on analytic methods for estimating establishment likelihood and extinction times for size structured populations. Currently writing this up wth Noam Ross
August 2014 Jacob presented a poster on the complex demography of oyster populations at ESA in Sacramento. July 2014 Swati talks about coexistence mediated by eco-evo feedbacks at the SIAM Life Sciences conference in Charlotte
June 2014 Gregory accepts a post-doctoral fellowship with Hal Caswell in Amsterdam. Congratulations!
June 2014 Gave a plenary talk at ECMTB in Gothenberg on the theory of species coexistence. Talk is posted in the gallery page.
May 2014 Nick accepted a data scientist position with Farmers Business Network. He will be helping farmers manage their crops more effectively. Congratulations!!
May 2014 Work with Jay Rosenheim and Neal Williams predicts which plants are likely to have seed production limited by a shortfall of pollen receipt
May 2014 Gave a plenary talk at the Midwest Mathematical Biology Conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin
Janurary 2014 Swati gave a great talk on evolutionary feedbacks in IGP systems at Asilomar
September 2013 NSF funds project on eco-evo feedbacks and community stability in collaboration with Casey terHorst
July 2013, 2014 Mathematical biology for highschool students in COSMOS
November 2012 Jacob Moore on climate change and degree-day models appearing in Ecological Applications
September 2012 Facebook for coral reefs: exploring coral-Symbiodinium interactions using social networks
August 2012 Ryusuke Kon starts a tenured position at University of Miyazaki
August 2012 Peter Ralph accepts tenure-track position at USC
July 2012 Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium Summer School 2012 Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Epidemiology
July 2012 Summer MBI-NIMBioS-CAMBAM Summer Graduate Workshop on Stochastics Applied to Biological Systems
December 2011 Science publishes my perspective Mathematical dances with wolves on some cool work by Coulson et al.
December 2011 Congrats to Nick for upcoming publication on evolutioanry response of mutualistic communities to climate change
August 2011 Mathieu Faure gets a faculty position in Marseille
November 2010 Biology and Game Theory Workshop in Paris
September 2010 Breaking up the argentine ant supercolony: CLIMB in the local news
August 2010 NSF funds proposal on Evolutionary Responses to Limiting Factors in Heterogeneous Environments
July 2010 Workshop on stochastic difference & differential equations in biology at IGTC Summit and Workshop 2010
April 2010 BioScience on CLIMB, an undergradute research program at UC/Davis
January 2010 Lynnhaven River Oyster Restoration Team receives Coastal America Award
August 2009 NSF funded project on the dynamics of evolutionary escape with Jamie Lloyd-Smith and John Novembre
July 2009 NimBios working group on Population and Community Ecology Consequences of Intraspecific Niche Variation